Rejoicing In His Grace



These writings are for Easter…some samples taken from the above book.



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Words of Wisdom to Share in our Modern Times





This book of modern day proverbs shows a clear spiritual path in many situations.

It has helped me as I wrote it and may it bless and help you too.








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The Sacrifice

The following are contained within my book :

The Sacrifice

The sacrifice of God’s own Son,
The precious victory that He won,
Took place for every sinner’s sake,
The plan that all would stand to make,

His earthly walk so close to death,
While worshipping God with every breath,
Closer to heaven he could not be,
All its truths He could clearly see,

A truly sacrificial walk,
A man who ministered by heavenly talk,
Healing the sick, the blind, the lame,
That they would never be the same,

The sacrifice upon the cross,
The pain in body, sense of loss,
A mother’s agony watched it all,
With tears before Him she did fall,

The sufferings of that sacrifice,
Was made that grace might now suffice,
To point men toward the Mercy Seat,
The cost was victory, not defeat!

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